Both in Chinese and Japanese cultures, people often use, beside his/her legal name, other names or nicks for ritualistic or artistic purposes. Moreover, it is common among poets and painters to use even more than one, depending on circumstances and periods. According to this tradition, I intend to adopt ‘qseki’ as my name for all those matters related to the art of suiseki. This nickname would come from the first letter of my family name (“quintas”) and the kanji for stone (“石“); it should be pronounced as “koo-se-kee”.

I was born in 1951 and was introduced to bonsai art in 1987. In 1990, this interest was extended to viewing stonesm increasing day after day, though I never give up on my collection of potted trees. In addition, I have also become interested in other fields of the oriental culture, just like history, painting, poetry (mainly ‘haiku’), philosophy, tea ceremony and others.

For some years I have been wondering the best way to share my doubts, questions and reflections with other fellows, in a fluent and effective way, and in a relaxed atmosphere. I think I have finally found what best suits to my skills and feelings within this blog format, thogh some minor adaptations are to be taken.

The sections in this webpage are as follows:

BLOG: It is aimed to include my updated feelings, opinions and experiences related, directly or indirectly, to viewing stones (in short, I shall often use the Japanese term ‘suiseki’, though it may be considered improper).

ARTICLES: This section will include articles, presentations and schemes prepared by myself. Of course, rules and restrictions to use them accommodate ‘copyright’ laws and principles. At some point, I would also like to include material by other masters and hobbyists.

GALLERIES: This section is aimed to display photos of my stones and sequences of some of my works or compositions.

HAIKU: Poems in this style written by me.

OFFERS: Though not professionally devoted to suiseki, as any other hobbyist, I often face storage problems. Through this section I attempt to solve, at least to some extent, this problem. Furthermore, I provide some indications for anyone interested in getting my collaboration for exhibitions, lectures or workshop, or even to make a wooden stand (daiza) for a particular stone.

LINKS: Typical section in which you will find some webpages considered of interest.

CONTACT: Another typical section, with indications to contact me.