Félix, 75 years

A few months ago, Felix Rivera  became 75 years old. His family took this opportunity to gather photos and reflections from friends and people who met him and I was honoured by receiving an invitation to participate.

So, I could remember the moments shared with Felix  in my journey through viewing stones; they have barely been 10 moments, but they have deeply influenced me not only as a stone collector but more significantly as a person. I have learned from him to keep an open attitude to enjoy ordinary moments and to get unique experiences from them.

I proudly consider Felix my first and more influential teacher in the field of viewing stones.  He has done it in a peculiar manner:


In my office, I keep the last stone gift from Felix: it is a special type of doha seki (uncut), that I named ‘Emerald Viewpoint’. Looking at it, this haiku has just sprouted:

Above the clouds

worries left down; only

a high soul.

Thursday, September 18, 2014