FREJUS (France) 2014

From 30-May to 1-June, a suiseki – haiku contest has been held in Frejus (France), organized by my old Italian friend Marco Favero. Frejus is a town located in Provence seashore, almost merged with the well known tourtist location of Saint Raphael, at about 50 km from Nice. Thanks to Marco and the hospitality of his friends Monique and Italo we were able to enjoy an unforgettable weekend and to meet and talk with French and Italian fellows about this two hobbies.

The unique characteristic of this contest is that every stone was displayed jointly with a haiku, written or chosen by the exhibitor. Furthermore, an award was granted to the best suiseki – haiku combination (maybe to call it composition is more appropriate). The fact the contest referred to my most loved hobbies made me obliged to participate.

My compositions were as follows:


“Troubled waters” Murphy’s


After wine, drunk

Just over troubled waters,

Sounds of silence



“La liseuse”Liguria


Sitting on grass,

Just looking at the pool,

The book is left


You all know I am not in favour of awards, neither granted nor received, though they are there and there is no option but to live with them. I must confess the award was granted to “Troubled waters”.


By the way, while we were having breakfast and looking at the garden of Monique and Italo, a little present for them just appeared.


In the morning


Cork oaks just

Arrange their hairs, but


Not their dresses

Thursday, September 18, 2014