One common shortages of local exhibitions is that, as a general rule, the exhibited objects (trees or stones) are limited to those pertaining to the club members and zone hobbyists; this very often leads to a lower level of the exhibitions, so in the quality of the displayed objects as in the way the exhibition has been arranged. When this scheme is followed for successive editions, it usually conducts to a stop in the progress of the hobbyists. So, I recommend that exhibitions be open to the participations of clubs, associations and hobbyists from other zones, providing so an unique opportunity to share experiences. I have many times heard laments as “we are so few!’ or “we are isolated!” or “we do not know enough!”. And every time I answer “but why do you not have asked for help?”. If you wish me to co-operate in the planning or arrangement of an exhibition or in exhibiting stones, just contact me and we shall look together for the best way to co-operate. A key aspect it that the contact be made as soon as possible, not only to solve conflicts of agenda but to prepare tasks in due form. You should also consider that, as a strong general rule, we are against stones travel alone (some accidents have happened due to this); and this is an additional argument to prepare everything in advance.