"Suiseki - Kazari"

April 1st, 2014


 Had I said I was not willing to be so many weeks without any news? Oops, it happened again. Of course I have a pretext: in last 3 years I had made very few repottings, mainly due to an unfortunate coincidence between their season with unstable weather. Thus this year I decided to immerse to be updated: 148 repots in the first step (it is yet a second step guessed of 25/30 repottings for this month of April).




Tracking back the talking topics with friends of suiseki world during these last months, I guess one of the most common has been about the use of suiban. Last time that this happened has been along and after the 2013 Congress of AIAS (Associazione Italiana Amotori Suiseki), held in Pescia, Tuscany, on 21/22-September. If desired, the debate may be followed in:



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