Unforgetable: Pamplona 26-10-2013

Whether you have known or read something about the Japanese tea ceremony, you are likely aware of the play between the instant and the permanent. And it will be no surprise for you that the characteristic elements of tokonoma in a wabi-tea ceremony be a kakemono depicting a buddhist personage or a calligraphy with a sutra or classic poem and a simple ikebana, often made of a single flower or branch.


Suiseki Tokonoma in Castellon de la Plana (Spain)

16-September- 2013

From 13th to 15th, September I National Congress of Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyokai (NBSK) has been held in Castellon. NBSK  is an Association promoted by Japanese masters, in order to improve the practice according to traditional japanese principles to be applied to bonsai and suiseki displays. This time the Japanese honor guest was Isao Fukita, disciple of Kobayashi.

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