How many times have you heard or read about ‘instant bonsai’? If you have not yet, ‘instant bonsai’ refers to get a bonsai from raw material in only one session (typically, in one demonstration or workshop). Of course, it is not possible to achieve the goal and that the tree sill survive.


 Estos comentarios pretenden ser una propuesta de orientaciones para establecer una interesante colección de piedras de contemplación. Ante todo, tengo que advertir que no suponen un conjunto cerrado de ‘leyes’ o ‘reglas’ sobre que, cuántas, qué tamaño y requisitos similares deben cumplir las piedras. En cualquier caso, confío que sean de utilidad para vosotros, al igual que lo son para mí.



These comments attempt to address a proposal of guidelines for the setting of an interesting collection of viewing stones. Previously I have to advice you that they do not provide a closed set of ‘laws’ or ‘rules’ on what, how many, how large and similar requisites must the stones be. Anyway, I hope they can prove to be useful for you as well as they are for me.

UBI 2014, Torino (Italy)


Journeys produce a striking effect: they let you  to leave behind the intensity and worries of daily routines and get you immersed in another different (ir)reality, but when they are gone, you have to effort to come back to the ordinary. At least, this is true for me.


"Suiseki - Kazari"

April 1st, 2014


 Had I said I was not willing to be so many weeks without any news? Oops, it happened again. Of course I have a pretext: in last 3 years I had made very few repottings, mainly due to an unfortunate coincidence between their season with unstable weather. Thus this year I decided to immerse to be updated: 148 repots in the first step (it is yet a second step guessed of 25/30 repottings for this month of April).

"Suiseki - Kazari"



¿Había dicho que no quería repetir lo de estar tantas semanas sin asomarme? Pues toma ya, otra vez. Lógicamente, tengo una excusa: en los últimos 3 años había hecho muy pocos trasplantes, principalmente por coincidir su época con rachas de tiempo inestable. Total que este año me he lanzado a ponerme al día: 148 trasplantes en la primera fase (todavía queda una segunda fase, creo que de unos 25/30 para este mes de abril).

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